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Father and Sons is a group company of S.J. & G FazulEllahie (Pvt) Ltd., one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies of sub-continent established in 1889.

Father & Sons

The vision behind Father and Sons was to provide innovative health-related products for the mankind and inculcating the spirit of living a healthier and a much fuller life.

Our Manufacturing Standards

Father and Sons manufacturing facilities are supported by a well-equipped plant to manufacture wide range of health care products. All products are prepared under supervision of well-qualified food scientists and pharmacists. To ensure the best quality of the finished products, the entire finished product range is stringently tested and then finally released for market after complete adherence to good manufacturing practices. That is why our valuable consumers rest a firm trust on our products and we do not compromise over ‘quality’

How we maintain the journey of Quality?

Father and Sons Quality Control Department follows the standards Operating Procedures (SOPs) strictly. Quality Control activities start right from assuring the quality of raw material till the finished products are cleared to leave the factory premises. The entire journey is regulated under experts and supervisors.

Sucral – Safe & Tasty Sugar Substitute

In line with the vision of organization that is ‘Solution for Healthy Life’; Father and Sons initially launched Sucral (Sucralose). It is a healthy and most friendly zero-calorie substitute to Sugar (sugar has high amount of calories with processed chemicals which are responsible for obesity and other diseases). Unlike other sweeteners, Sucral can be used for multiple purposes like eating, drinking, baking and cooking while many other sweeteners serve only specific purpose. Further, unlike Aspartame & Saccharin based sweeteners, Sucral (sucralose) is not carcinogenic (Cancer causing) and can be safely used.

Sucralose was discovered at Queen Elizabeth College, university of London in 1976. Due to its excellent safety profile, FDA has approved the use of Sucralose by everyone, including diabetic, health-conscious people and fitness-enthusiasts. Lately, world’s Top10 food safety organizations also recommended sucralose as safest alternative to sugar. Currently over 100 countries are using it to sweeten over 80,000 products. Below are the world renowned Food Safety related organizations those recommend Sucralose as best sugar substitute.


  • FDA – USA
  • Food Standards – Australia / New Zealand
  • Food Scientific Committee – European Commission
  • Health Canada
  • Council on Science & Health – USA
  • Diabetes Associations – Canada / USA
  • W.H.O

Today Salt Matters – Switch to low Sodium Salt (Rite Salt)

In the recent past, Father and Sons achieved another milestone by introducing a “Low Sodium Iodized Salt” in Pakistan. This Low sodium iodized salt was launched with the brand name “Rite Salt”.

The salt we use in our everyday diet is almost entirely composed of sodium, which may lead to high blood pressure and other health issues. Low sodium, salt is the best substitute to regular salt to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Low sodium diet helps to regulate blood pressure levels, protects from heart diseases, prevents problems of blood vessels and reduces the risk of kidney diseases. Rite salt also contains Potassium that is crucial for normal functioning of heart. Rite salt also plays a key role in the muscle contraction and is important for all body functions.

Low Sodium Salt is recommended by

  • American Heart Association
  • World Health Organization
  • Blood Pressure Organization of United Kingdom
  • High blood pressure Support Group – UK
  • W.A.S.H (World Association on Salt & Health)
  • Cleveland Clinic – Canada

Management’s Message

Welcome to the website of Father and Sons (Pvt) Ltd., we are obliged for your interest. We live in the dynamic world of great vitality and fast tempo in many fields; thus, one who fails to cope with the challenging world, remains at the back seat.

Since the establishment of Father and Sons (Pvt) Ltd., we have been deeply determined to achieve our fundamental goals in businesses development and augmenting team work. Our business attitude wholly, is shaped by our overall value care.

Our priority is our consumer, who we believe is at the heart of our existence. At Father and Sons, it is our constant endeavor to offer best quality products up to the highest level of customer’s satisfaction. Our quality control professionals carefully monitor every step in our manufacturing process to ensure that customers get the best products. Thus the standardized services are delivered by implementing process safety and environmental protection.

Thank you for visiting our website and considering our products and services.

Warm Regards,

Father and Sons (Pvt) Ltd

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