Our Pride

Hassan Siddiqi

Marketing Manager

“Solutions for Healthy Life”, a beautiful Vision of Father and Sons Pvt. Ltd., attracted me and I became part of this organization in 2014. Being a part of this organization, I feel new energy and motivation in me as I am contributing to the wellbeing of mankind through top-quality health products.

Apart from its Vision, Father and Sons have excellent systems that are most effective and efficient and are well supported by SAP.

The culture of any organization plays pivotal role in its successful, and I found a values-based humane culture here that serves as the custodian of self and others’ respect. Teams are encouraged to share their professional ideas, Management supports them in implementation and this gives real motivation to the teams. The working environment is friendly and stress-free.

Supply Chain, Distribution, Sales and Marketing functions are based on the most refined structures and processes. Through leading distribution house Premier, the organization ensures that products are available at every potential shelf with excellent visibility in respective category. Distribution benchmarks are based on Unique Customers and Unit sales.

Sales targets are designed through channel mapping so to activate every possible sales channel as per the real potential. The Field Audit Department aims to support the distribution house by indicating the gaps and potential.

Marketing believes in Drone Strategy. In addition to ATL, customized marketing efforts are designed as per sales channel needs. This helps in the rational utilization of budgets.

After-Sales Support is another excellent area that makes the organization unique. The organization owns its product quality throughout the consumption cycle. Through an efficient MIS system, customers get the response and complain compliances within 24 hours.

All these aspects make Father and Sons unique and better than my previous organizations, Pepsi Cola and Qarshi Industries.
I have my best wishes for Father and Sons.

Muhammad Shafie

RSM South

I have 23 years of sales experience in the pharmaceuticals and FMCG industry. Now I am working in father and Sons for the last one and half years as a Regional Sales Manager South.

I feel pleasure to join Father and Sons because this company provides a relaxed and productive atmosphere, positive values, commitment to excellence, open and honest communication, flexibility, cooperation, support and empowerment all the best qualities of this organization.

Shahid Ali Khan


I started my professional journey in 1997. Over these two decades, I have had the opportunity to work and learn in many national and international companies. October 2019 proved to be a turning point in my professional journey when I Joined Father & Sons.

Father & Sons have a unique position compared to other companies. There are many reasons for this uniqueness, such as a compassionate and respectful attitude of seniors, keeping in mind the needs of the customers according to the principles of hygiene.

I admire this company for its features such as cooperation, freedom of expression, exchange of knowledge and experience, choice of modern strategies. I always feel excited to play my role in the development of this team. I pray that this company will always remain on the path of growth and success.

Hafiz M. Imran

RSM Islamabad

Experienced sales manager with expertise to develop customer base to increase revenue and consistently exceed sales targets. Excellent communication skills with the ability to build strong relationships and customer satisfaction. A thorough understanding of current market trends and competitors of the Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry.

Working for Father & Sons is extremely satisfying as it gives me passion and purpose along with my profession as we are trying to promote healthy products and a healthy lifestyle. Father & Sons strives to be the kind of company that makes healthy choices easy, and we celebrate health-related accomplishments in ways that make us one of the healthiest and best places to work.

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